About us

At Platinum Ink, we offer great tattoos in a warm, spacious and sterile environment.

We have very talented and highly skilled artists who are friendly, open to ideas and happy to offer creative advice about your tattoo design.

Our shop caters to every style - whether it be Custom work, Japanese, Traditional, New School, Realism, Portraits or Lettering.

Check out our portfolios to find the artist that best suits you.

We also have a large range of pre-drawn designs for you to view if you are unsure about the direction to go with for your tattoo.

You are more than welcome to call us regarding any questions you might have or simply to book a consultation.



Not long after Platinum Ink Sydney opened its doors in late 2007, award-winning Swedish artist, Mikael Schelen came to guest spot at our shop only to return a year later with another great artist and tattoo shop owner from Stockholm.

After travelling to Sweden and spending the summer of 2009 with Mikael and the crew, we decided to open a Platinum Ink in Stockholm, Sweden.

You can check them out here: